Official Trikke Shop in Poland

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Official Trikke Shop in Poland


Have fun in the TRIKKE world

Our shop offers all original products of the American company TRIKKE Tech. From California.

Here you will find all Trikke models, parts and accessories you will need while driving.

Trikke HPV - powered by the power of human muscles

Trikke EV - electric hybrid

Trikke Skki - winter, ski karwing on three skis

Accessories - all you need to have fun and practice

Parts - so that your equipment is always up and running

Official shop TRIKKE on Poland

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  • Always fast shipping
  • We guarantee delivery in 24 hours, Trikke, parts, accessories.
  • Call, write, you will learn everything.
  • Ask a question, find out if Trikke is the right equipment for you.
  • Quick and easy shopping
  • Our shop is guaranteed.

We invite our customers

You can already order our new SKKI TRIKKE 2017

Please mail or phone orders for the new Skki Trikke model 2017.


Tel. +48 694 468 182